I’m Mizanur Rahman founder and Marketing CEO of Online Skill BD. I have been working on an online marketing platform for more than 8 years. I mainly spend a lot of time in the affiliate marketing sector, especially in Amazon affiliate marketing. Beyond that, I’ve been working on the Amazon Kindle, and since then I’ve published 18 Kindle on the Amazon platform. I am also, Niche site developer, Content writer, SEO expert, and online marketing strategist.

Why Online Skill BD?

Whatever you do, you need to have the right skills. Skill is an object that cannot be achieved very quickly. So in order to achieve this, you need to spend time and achieve it. In the same way, if you think you can earn online then you must create an online skill. Without Online Skill, you will never be able to earn from online. So first you need to go to this platform by doing online skill development. And in all its directions, Online Skill BD is the main purpose or goal.

So, how do I acquire online skills? Many of us have this question. So, we need to have a guideline on how we can achieve this. And it is discussed below –

First, mastering one of the tasks

online skill bd
online skill bd

First, you need to learn one of the things you love. If you search Google from the internet you will find tutorials on your favorite topics. You can learn from it or you can learn from a freelancer or learn from a good organization. You need to be proficient in any one way. Usually, it can take from 6 months to 2 years to achieve the skill. It will depend on which subject you are proficient in.

First, you have to decide which ones you want to be proficient in. You need to do a little research when it comes to selecting topics. You have to see what is free of charge in the freelance market. There is more work available on a topic, what is the future of something. You can Google these researches or consult an experienced freelancer. Marketplaces find that web design, web programming, graphics design, article writing, SEO, affiliate marketing, android apps development, software development, etc. are more available. If you select one or the other of these topics, you will see if it is your choice.

You can’t do well here unless it’s a matter of choice. So you can emphasize at least three issues (market demand + future + your choice) when it comes to topic selection. In this case, the educational qualifications may also be considered.

After selecting the subject and being skilled at the work you will be able to do freelancing. Freelancing is currently widely known in Bangladesh as a result of the promotion of newspapers, digital media, IT department of government, BDOSN, BASIS, and various activities. As a result, a positive idea has been created in the minds of the people about freelancing. Many people think of huge incomes without realizing that I will learn to freelance. There is nothing to learn to freelance! Freelancing is a process in which you can learn how to work for freelancing. And after learning about work, you can learn about the marketplace and do freelancing there.